Chaelundi Falls

Grade 3 Grade 3

Guy Fawkes River NP, NSW
1.3 km (0.5 hrs )

Chaelundi Falls is located within the remote Guy Fawkes River National Park. This high altitude location was the perfect spot to spend the night, being a lot cooler than the surrounding area! The beautiful campground and picnic area is located on the banks of the small Chaelundi Creek and features picnic tables and a toilet. There is a short walk to Chaelundi Falls and the impressive gorge lookout (1 km), as well as the longer Escarpment walk (13 km).

My dad and I both enjoyed our walk to the falls as well as the overnight stay at this campground. We also took the opportunity to visit the nearby Misty Creek lookout on our way out of the national park.

Chaelundi Falls