Hunter Road

High range High range

Nundle, NSW
80.0 km (3.5 hrs )

One our final day of our two week holiday to Queensland, my dad and I explored one of the back roads of the Hunter region. We began at Ponderosa Park, a beautiful camping spot within the Nundle State Forest. This former logging camp is located next to a pond and is surrounded by pine trees. Facilities are basic with just a toilet and some picnic tables, but the location more than makes up for this. It is a short drive to Hanging Rock Lookout from Ponderosa Park. This lookout provides some stunning views over the surrounding area.

We next turned onto Barry Road and made our way to the town of Barry. This forest road was quite well maintained. Not so Hunter Road, which heads south from Barry. The narrow road winds its way up and down hills through some remote farms, before dropping down to a valley with 20 rough creek crossings. Hunter Road is only suitable for high clearance 4WDs when the water level is low. We were both happy when we finally made our way onto the much better Sargeants Gap Road!

We stopped for a quick visit to Timor Caves. These are number of limestone caves located on the banks of the Isaacs Creek. None of the caves are marked, making finding them quite challenging! Belfry Cave (the larger of the two caves that I managed to find) was at least fairly interesting to see. Timor Caves are located approximately 33 km off the New England Highway near Blandford.

Ponderosa Park