Blackfellows Hand Trail

High range High range

Lidsdale, NSW
16.0 km (2 hrs )

Our friend Thomas from Germany had just purchased a 4WD and what better way to learn the skills of how to handle the car than to explore some of the dirt tracks in the Blue Mountains. The Blackfellows Hand Trail is an easy track that heads down from the Newnes Plateau to Lidsdale. There are a number of interesting sites along the way including the Lost City (rock formations in the shape of pagodas) and the Blackfellows Hand Cave (Maiyingu Marragu - a large overhang featuring a number of hand prints in white ochre).

Thomas did well, negotiating washouts, ruts and bog holes with ease. It was a great day out for Thomas, my brother and I.

Blackfellows Hand Cave (Maiyingu Marragu)