The Northern Road

Cycling Cycling

Leppington, NSW
32.2 km (3 hrs )

In searching for my next cycling adventure, I found a cycleway on the edge of Sydney which looked promising. Having determined that it was an off-road cycleway I added it to my wish list.

With a fine forecast for Saturday I caught the train to Leppington, the start of the cycleway. Here the shared path follows Bringelly Road west to Bringelly, before turning north to follow parallel to the Northern Road. The cycleway does alternate on each side of the road, but is easy to follow. It passes through some rural areas as well the site of the future Western Sydney Airport. The cycleway also has a slight grade downhill if heading north which was very helpful to me!

I finished my ride at Kingswood, although it is also possible to continue on to Penrith. The ride was OK to do once, but it is quite exposed and adjacent to a fairly busy road.

The Northern Road