Furber Steps

Grade 4 Grade 4

Katoomba, NSW
9.2 km (3.5 hrs )

The last time I walked Furber Steps I was much younger! A sunny Saturday morning allowed me the opportunity to revisit this beautiful destination in Katoomba. After a tour of the Katoomba Falls Reserve, I headed down Furber Steps, passing Katoomba Falls along the way to the base of the Scenic Railway. Here there was the Scenic Walkway, an easy to follow boardwalk that takes you through the rainforest and past the remains of the former coal mines, which the railway used to service. Nowadays, the mining activities have been replace by lots of tourists!

After following the Federal Pass to Dardanelles Pass, I ascended the almost 1,000 stairs to the top of the Giant Stairway. The views from Echo Point were of course magnificent and allowed me to catch my breath, before the final walk on the Prince Henry Cliff Walk back to Katoomba Falls Reserve.

It was great to be outdoors again and to enjoy the walk.

Katoomba Falls