Vaucluse House

Grade 3 Grade 3

Sydney, NSW
8.6 km (5 hrs )

Vaucluse House was commenced as a small cottage in 1805. Subsequently bought by William Wentworth in 1827, the property was greatly extended to the substantial harbour side mansion that we see today. This was the favourite place of William and Sarah Wentworth who occupied this house until 1861.

Vaucluse House has been a museum since 1910 and has been furnished to reflect the Wentworth's occupancy. The audio tour was interesting, giving an insight into the lives of the Wentworths as well as the many features of the house and service buildings. I spent a fascinating two hours touring the house and gardens, before visiting the nearby Greycliffe House (1851) and Strickland House (1856).

Drawing Room at Vaucluse House