Western Explorer Road

High range High range

Arthur River, TAS
245.0 km (5 hrs )

The Western Explorer Road follows the rugged west coast of Tasmania through the remote Tarkine Wilderness, the world’s largest remaining temperate rainforest. This track is very remote, with no services for most of the way.

I began this track in scenic Stanley, after exploring the famous Nut, a large volcanic plug on Tasmania's north coast. Heading south, my first stop was the aptly named Edge of the World, where winds from the Southern Ocean blow strong on most days. The track heads inland from the wild coast, where the stark white gravel road contrasts with the green of the grass lands and forests.

It was over 100 km to the next stop in Corinna, where the Fatman Barge is the only means of crossing the Pieman River. From here, it was an easy drive to the once thriving mining town of Zeehan, now a shadow of it's former self. The drive was easy to do in a 4WD and I very much enjoyed my journey through this quieter part of Tasmania.

Western Explorer Road