Norah Head Lighthouse

Grade 2 Grade 2

Norah Head, NSW
1.0 km (1 hr )

I have had a long fascination with lighthouses, to the point of even adding them as one of my many collections. So what better way to celebrate my birthday than to visit a lighthouse that I had never been to before, which coincidently was also celebrating its 100th birthday.

The Norah Head Lighthouse was completed in November 1903. It stands at 27 metres high and its light is visible for 28 nautical miles. There are guided tours of the lighthouse, which at the time of my visit was $10 per adult. It was interesting to be able to climb the stairs and see the lens, as well as to step out onto the balcony for the stunning views from the top. The tour took about an hour and was very informative.

Norah Head Lighthouse