Mambray Creek Walk

Grade 3 Grade 3

Mt Remarkable, SA
8.0 km (2 hrs )

Mambray Creek is located in the Southern Flinders Ranges on the western slopes of Mount Remarkable. The campground was my second stop on my journey with my father to Perth and was very pleasant, having both toilets and showers. It was a nice place to rest overnight, as well as providing me the opportunity to stretch my legs on a hike along the Mambray Creek Valley Walk.

This 8 km track follows a firetrail along the usually dry Mambray Creek, through the valley to an old shepherd's hut located at the base of Sugargum Lookout. The track is well signposted and easy to follow and there are numerous other tracks to explore if you have more time. I also took the opportunity to visit the historic Baroota Homestead Ruins, located near the entrance to the National Park.

Mambray Creek Valley Walk