Strzelecki Track

High range High range

Lyndhurst, SA
578.0 km (13 hrs )

I have travelled on the Strzelecki Track a number of times previously, including the section between Tibooburra and Mount Hopeless twice; but never the final 195 km to Lyndhurst. Returning from my trip to Western Australia, I took the opportunity to detour to the corner country and to finally complete this section of the Strzelecki Track. The journey took me two days to complete, with overnight stops near Mount Hopeless and at Fort Grey.

In a way it is sad that this iconic desert track is being sealed. Some 100 km of the road was already sealed when I travelled in January 2024, taking away some of the romance and thrill of outback driving. This is still a very remote and potentially dangerous track. There are no facilities for over 400 km of the track (including no fuel) and I saw only 2 trucks and 4 cars on my journey. This is real desert - rolling sand dunes that can be difficult to cross in sections and scorching temperatures in summer.

I very much enjoyed this journey. The solitude and wide open spaces were amazing, and the Milky Way shines brighter, away from city lights. It is however a journey for which one must be thoroughly prepared for and is not to be undertaken lightly.

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