Caryapundy Loop Drive

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Narriearra Caryapundy Swamp NP, NSW
64.0 km (3 hrs )

Narriearra Caryapundy Swamp is one of NSW's newest national parks, acquired in 2020 when 1,500 km2 of the former Narriearra station was purchased by the government. The vast area is an important ephemeral wetland, with over 100 verities of birds spotted in this area. At the time of my visit in 2024, the park was open, but with infrastructure still in the process of being built. The heritage walk at the historic Whittabrinnah Hotel precinct was under construction, while the Caryapundy lookout picnic area and nearby Caryapundy tank bird hide were complete, although signage was still being erected.

This national park is remote and the access road and loop drive required a 4WD. Note that the roads close after rain, something that happened on the day of my visit. I was fortunate to be able to visit all there places of interest in the park before it began to rain. I would have loved to spend more time exploring the park and had planned to camp overnight, but with black storm clouds threatening, I decided it was best to head back to Tibooburra and the safety of the sealed Silver City Highway. This proved to be the correct decision, with the park closing the following day, and remaining closed for the next two months (and counting)!

Caryapundy Lookout