Emerald Pool

Grade 4 Grade 4

Popran NP, NSW
7.5 km (2 hrs )

This was my first visit to Popran National Park. Located off Wiseman's Ferry Road near Mangrove Creek, the park is located at the end of Ironbark Road. Note that the last 1.5 km of Ironbark Road is suitable for 4WDs only.

A 7 km circuit took me to Emerald Pool, a small pool of water on Hominy Creek. While this is the highlight of the walk, I also very much liked the ferns and trees of Donovan's Forest, and while there were only a few wildflowers this late in the season, I am sure this would be a riot of colour in spring. The track was reasonably easy, following mostly firetrails. The optional detour to the summit of Mount Olive was a little harder, but being only 400 m to the summit, was worth the effort.

Donovan's Forest