Ring Walk

Grade 2 Grade 2

Sydney Olympic Park, NSW
4.0 km (1 hr )

The Brickpit in what is now the Sydney Olympic Park was the quarry of the State Brickworks from 1911 to 1988. Shale from the pit was crushed and mixed with clay to form bricks for the growing city of Sydney. A large population of the endangered Green and Golden Bell Frog was discovered in the pit in 1993 and the area was reshaped into an environmental conservation area.

Today an 18 m high, 550 m long elevated Ring Walk provides a bird's-eye view of the frog's habitat without disturbing the tiny residents. I spent a pleasant hour walking through Olympic Park and around the Ring Walk. The location is readily accessible by train at the nearby Olympic Park station. There are a number of shops and facilities located near the train station and the adjacent Bicentennial Park offers a host of walks and activities.

Brickpit in Sydney Olympic Park