Longneck Lagoon

Grade 4 Grade 4

Maraylya, NSW
4.2 km (1 hr )

Longneck Lagoon a small freshwater lagoon located in the northern section of Scheyville National Park. The wetlands are a haven for birds and the walk provides an opportunity to glimpse some of these (I saw a number of ducks and swamphens). The walking track (4 km) allows you to circumnavigate the small lagoon and there is an Environmental Education Centre about halfway along the walk if you begin like I did off Cattai Road. Sections of the walk can be muddy after rain and the northern part of the walk was slightly overgrown and confusing to navigate.

This was OK to do once, but I think that you need to be a bird enthusiast to come again. I did enjoy the boardwalk section of the walk, where the track crosses Longneck Creek.

Longneck Lagoon