Alum Cliffs

Grade 3 Grade 3

Mole Creek, TAS
1.6 km (0.5 hrs )

After exploring the west, south, east and north of Tasmania and with time to spare, I decided to revisit some of my favourite destinations and explore the interior of Tasmania. Alum Cliffs, located approximately 4 km from Mole Creek was one of the destinations that I chose to revisit. This stunning lookout is reached by a short hike up to a lookout over the Mersey River. The huge drop to the river below is all the more stunning for the vertical cliffs that rise from the northern side of the river. The walk through the forest is also very pleasant and I even got to see an echidna here.

Alum Cliffs is one of Tasmania's 60 Great Short Walks - the best of Tasmania's day walks.

Alum Cliffs