Devils Hole

Grade 5 Grade 5

Katoomba, NSW
1.2 km (1 hr )

The distance to Devils Hole may seem short (0.5 km), but as this involves a descent of 0.2 km, this hike is pretty intense and requires a good level of fitness! There are no stairs, handrails or other such features on this walk, so not one recommended if you have children with you.

The hike begins at Cliff Drive in Katoomba and winds its way down through the forest of ash trees and ferns on a badly eroded track. At the entrance to the narrow gorge, the track pretty much disappears as you begin the descent following a creek bed. Take care, as the rocks are loose and can be wet and slippery. You may also need to use your hands to help you descend - I did. The large rock wedged between the two sides of the gorge is unmistakeable and serves as a landmark when you ascend back from the valley.

The track reappears where the gorge widens, with branches to the east and west. West continues the descent into Megalong Valley, while the track east takes you to Devils Hole Creek, a distance of about 0.1 km from the track junction. This track can be very indistinct, especially near the creek, so keep an eye out for landmarks.

I very much enjoyed this hike. It is nice to see that some places are still left in their natural state for you to explore, while still being readily accessible.

Devils Hole