Seven Beaches

Grade 3 Grade 3

Collaroy, NSW
11.3 km (5 hrs )

I took my almost five year old son on this walk, exploring the northern beaches as we made our way south from Collaroy to Manly. With perfect weather for a cool September day, we found the walk to be very pleasant, enjoying some spectacular views of the coast from a number of lookouts, as well as the opportunity to get down and walk on the sand. We even had some of the beaches entirely to ourselves!

There are plenty of opportunities to take a break along the walk, with my son and I stopping at most beaches to play in the sand, and a longer break at Dee Why to enjoy lunch in the park next to the beach. As this is a long, one way walk, we took public transport to Collaroy and back from Manly. It certainly saved us the hassle of trying to find parking! The walk is very much exposed, so hats and sunscreen are a must.

Long Reef and Dee Why Beaches