Warragamba River

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Jamisontown, NSW
35.0 km (9 hrs )

The trek to Warragamba River is by far the most spectacular and most challenging of the kayak tracks that I have attempted so far. The waterfall at Megarritys Creek was amazing, and most likely one that few get to see, since this is a 35 km (return) trip!

I began this track at 8 in the morning; early enough to avoid the motorised boats, jet skis and water skiers that love to play on this stretch of the Nepean River. Once through the Nepean Narrows (which is only a few metres wide), the river enters a long, narrow valley, with cliffs that soar above the river on either side. This is also the start of the Blue Mountains National Park, and once into the restricted speed zone (4 knots), you will most likely have the river to yourself (I did). On the whole, the going is fairly easy, with no tides to contend with and very little wind due to the narrow confines of the valley. There is a bit of a current near the junction of the Nepean and Warragamba Rivers, but when I went, this was not too difficult to get through.

It is a long day out on the water, so take care to bring plenty of water to drink and cover up to avoid getting sunburnt (which I did!)

Warragamba River near Megarritys Creek