Gundabooka NP

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Gundabooka NP, NSW
1.4 km (0.5 hrs )

This short hike takes you to some fascinating Aboriginal art depicting people, animals, tools and hand stencils in the remote Gundabooka National Park. The national park is located approximately 70 km south of Bourke, in northern New South Wales. Access is via dry weather dirt roads.

I visited the site in the height of summer and after completing the Valley of the Eagle walk in the northern section of the park. Even in the heat, the hike was fairly easy to do, following a well marked rocky path up over the hill, across the dry Mulareenya Creek bed and to the cool shade of the rock shelter. The Aboriginal art was some of the best that I have seen in New South Wales, and the harsh beauty of the red outback is stunning to see.

Mulgowan Rock Art