Mill Creek

Kayaking Kayaking

Georges River NP, NSW
21.5 km (5 hrs )

Having lived near Mill Creek and walked along its banks, I always had a desire to one day be able to venture on the creek in a boat. The paddle up Mill Creek turned out to be nicer than I expected, with beautiful blue skies, fish jumping out of the water and birds galore making for a pleasant day out on the water.

I began my trip from Burrawang Beach in the Georges River National Park. Parking was plentiful and being low tide, there was a nice sandy beach from which to launch my kayak. A short paddle across the Georges River brought me to Mill Creek, lined on both banks with strands of mangroves. The mangroves gave way to eucalypts, sheoaks and grass trees as I headed upstream. Even at low tide, there was sufficient water in the creek to enable me to reach about 3 km upstream. While there were a few trees that had fallen across the river that I need to skirt, this was not difficult. There were also a lot of birds at this location, everything from cockatoos to king parrots.

From Mill Creek, it was back on the Georges River to visit the Alfords Point Bridge. It was interesting to view the bridge from water level, having driven across this many times! I took the opportunity to pull into the sandy beach at Mickeys Point for a break, before visiting Little Salt Pan Creek. Little Salt Pan Creek is almost a lagoon, so narrow is the entrance from Georges River. Lots of mangroves here which I took the opportunity to explore.

With time to spare, I next headed west, paddling past the delightful Picnic Point, as well as Pleasure Point and Sandy Point, before turning back once I had sighted the railway bridge at East Hills. Luck was with me on the return journey, as I had an outgoing tide to help me and it was not long before I was back in the Georges River National Park after a delightful day out on the water.

Mickeys Point, Georges River