The Bay Run

Grade 2 Grade 2

Rodd Point, NSW
8.0 km (4 hrs )

The Bay Run is an incredibly popular walk or bike ride around Iron Cove. The footpath for much of the route is segregated from the bike path, making for a nice walk or ride. There are numerous parks and playgrounds along the walk, so children (including my son) have lots to look forward to.

My son and I did this walk beginning from Rodd Point and following the path in an anti-clockwise direction. The walk is exposed, but there is plenty of shade in the parks if you need a break from the sun. Note that a small section of the walk near Callan Park follows the road, so take care as there may be cars about. While the walk has nice views of Rodd Island and Iron Cove, it is a little too busy and too urbanised for my taste!

Iron Cove