Grand Canyon

Grade 3 Grade 3

Blackheath, NSW
6.5 km (3 hrs )

The hike through the Grand Canyon is one of the Blue Mountain's most popular walks, and rightly so. Every step down (and up) and every twist in the canyon brings you to ever more spectacular scenery, full of the greenery of ferns and fern trees. This would rate as one of my favourite hikes - definitely up there with the spectacular hikes of the red centre.

The hike can be done from either Evans Lookout (clockwise) or from Neates Glen (anticlockwise). My preference is to begin from Evans Lookout, since this gets you into the most spectacular part of the canyon faster, and provides for a more gradual climb out of the canyon towards the end. While there are plenty of stairs to negotiate, the track is well formed and signposted, making for a straightforward walk for anyone with a good level of fitness. Take your time to enjoy the scenery. I ended up taking more than 300 photos here - the hike was that spectacular!

Grand Canyon