Parramatta Cycleway

Cycling Cycling

Parramatta, NSW
11.0 km (2.5 hrs )

With beautiful weather and an active boy who has lots of energy to burn, I decided that it was a perfect day to explore the cycleway that follows Parramatta River to Parramatta city centre. There are multiple entry / exit points to the cycleway - my son and I did our round trip from Rydalmere. A good option may be to cycle the full length of the cycleway, from Rhodes or Meadowbank to Parramatta.

The cycleway is fantastic, being almost completely off road - just a few streets to cross close to Parramatta. There are lots of parks with picnic tables and barbecues along the way, and Parramatta Park is a wonderful place to explore at the journey's end. The cycleway is also almost flat, making for a pleasant easy ride or walk and a great day out.