Wombeyan Caves

Grade 4 Grade 4

Wombeyan Caves, NSW
3.2 km (2 hrs )

Wombeyan Caves are located south of Sydney in the Wombeyan Karst Conservation Reserve. There are over 500 known caves in the area, 4 of which are open to the public as guided or self-guided tours. There are also a number of tracks to explore and lots of kangaroos to see, especially near the picnic and camping areas where the green grass attracts them at dawn and dusk. While I had visited Wombeyan Caves a number of times, it was mainly to tour the self-guided Fig Tree Cave.

On this visit, I took the opportunity to explore more of the Wombeyan Caves area, beginning with a walk to the Tinted Cave (free) along Mares Creek, a descent to the creek in Limestone Gorge, and then followed by a tour of the Fig Tree and Wollondilly Caves (discounted as a combined package). I really enjoyed the tour of Wollondilly Cave with its varying features and would highly recommend this.

Limestone Gorge