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Backpacking across Europe.

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We began our backpacking adventure in Athens, Greece. After a day of exploring the Acropolis and surrounding ruins, we caught the ferry to Naxos, one of the famed Greek Islands. After a relaxing 2 days on the island, we headed to Santorini to explore the island's volcano, before a short flight back to Athens, then to Rome, Italy.

The pace of life in Rome was a stark contrast to the laid back Greek lifestyle, but eager to explore this eternal city, we set out on a marathon walking tour of the city. With the colosseum, forum, piazzas and fountains in our sights, we hiked from one end of the city to the other. Day 2 was all about waiting in lines; first at the Vatican museum, then to survey the city from the top of St Peter's Basilica.

Heading south, we relaxed in beautiful Santorini and on the island of Capri. After a whole day exploring the ruins of Pompeii, we headed north to see Venice with its grand buildings and maze of canals.

An overnight train brought us into Switzerland, where we glimpsed snow (in summer!). We loved beautiful Luzern, enjoying the cruise on the lake and the ride up to Mt Pilatus. On to the most scenic place of all, we spent the next few days enjoying Grindelwald and the surrounding countryside, with hikes to Lauterbrunnen and a day trip to Montreaux.

Back south, we did the famed Cinque Terre walk, spent a day in Nice and the tiny principality of Monaco, before hitting the streets of Paris. From Paris, we caught the train to London, where we began our week long driving tour of England, Wales and Scotland.

All too soon it was time to return home, but with many memories of a most wonderful trip.

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