Lord Howe Island

Veronica's and my honeymoon on beautiful Lord Howe Island.

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The perfect place to relax and enjoy being together. We began our stay on the island by exploring our home for the week at the Milky Way apartments on Old Settlement Beach. A short walk took us to the famous Ned's Beach, home to ever hungry fish, just waiting to be fed! Returning to our accommodation, we were treated to a seafood dinner at the Milky Way restaurant, a perfect way to end our first day on the island.

Armed with bread, we headed back to Ned's Beach on day two to get up close to the fish. After our enjoyable swim, we took the rest of the afternoon to explore the island's east coast. Dinner was at the Arajilla resort. We ended up sampling the food of six different restaurants that week!

Hiring bikes (the only real way to explore the island), we took off to the south, biking to the end of the road in the shadow of Mt Gower. When the rain came down on day 3, we took the opportunity to explore the island's history and nature in the local museum and on short walks near our accommodation.

All too soon, the holiday was coming to an end. A turtle watching tour, more snorkelling, bird watching and fish feeding ended our first week together on this idyllic island.

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