South America

Our South American adventure saw us visiting fascinating places in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Bolivia.

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We began our trip in beautiful Chile. After two days of exploring Santiago, we headed south to the lakes area in southern Chile. Here we stayed overnight in the quaint German town of Puerto Varas before taking an epic journey on 4 buses and 3 ferries across the alpine lakes to Argentina. We loved relaxing in the ski resort of Bariloche, complete with chocolate stores and Saint Bernards to remind us of Switzerland.

All too soon, it was time to head off to Buenos Aires. We toured the city, including the colourful La Boca, shopped until we dropped, tangoed the night away and ate our fill of delicious Argentinean steaks! Our visit to Argentina was topped off with a stay at the spectacular Iguacu Falls. The extensive boardwalks really highlighted the wonder of the falls.

Hitting the beaches of Rio de Janeiro gave us the opportunity to relax and sip on our coconut drinks as we watched the days slip by. From Rio, we headed to bustling Lima, before venturing into the Amazon jungle. Our superb jungle lodge was located 45 minutes downstream from Puerto Moldonado, Peru. Here we enjoyed everything the jungle had to offer - birds and animals, lush vegetation, canoe rides on the river and lake and sumptuous meals from local ingredients.

From the steamy jungle, we headed north to the highlight of our journey - the Inca ruins of the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and Cuzco. Words can barely describe the amazing sites that these locations have to offer! Journeying south by train, we travelled on the 2nd highest railway in the world, arriving on the shores of Lake Titicaca (3,800 m elevation). A trip across the lake by hydrofoil took us to the ancient Sun and Moon islands, where we had the unique opportunity to hike with llamas on an ancient Inca trail to the sacred springs (said to be the fountain of youth).

Completing our journey was a stay in La Paz, Bolivia - one of the highest cities in the world. All too soon it was time to head back home with lots of wonderful memories of this remarkable continent.

Santiago (Chile)
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Lakes Crossing (Chile - Argentina)
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Buenos Aires (Argentina)
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Iguacu Falls (Argentina - Brazil)
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Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
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Lima (Peru)
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Amazon Jungle (Peru)
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Sacred Valley (Peru)
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Machu Picchu (Peru)
151 photos
Cuzco (Peru)
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Lake Titicaca (Peru - Bolivia)
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La Paz (Bolivia)
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Santiago (Chile)
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