Singapore Sojourns

Work related travel to the city state of Singapore.

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During 2011, I had the opportunity to attend a series of regional workshops in Singapore. The workshops gave me the ability to contribute to improving processes across the region. I also had some time to explore the city, visiting the city's attractions over the course of weekends and evenings. Subsequently, I also attended workshops, conferences and conducted training with the Supply Chain Management team in Singapore.

Jul 2011: A whole day to explore Singapore, including riding the MRT, walking through colonial Singapore, visiting Jurong bird park and walking the streets of Chinatown.

Aug 2011: While the stay was shorter, it was a good opportunity to contribute to the workshop and catch up with my work colleagues, as well as spend an evening exploring the Tanjong Pagar neighbourhood at night. There was also a little time before the flight back home to visit the interesting butterfly garden at Changi Airport.

Sep 2011: Arriving earlier in the day, I took the opportunity to explore new areas of the city as well as revisit some familiar places.

Oct 2011: An experienced traveller now, and familiar with some of the main attractions in Singapore, I took the opportunity to explore a new area, spending a few hours on the island of Sentosa.

May 2012: An opportunity to return to Singapore to attend a regional workshop. I had one free night in which to take some photos of the city centre with my new camera.

Oct 2012: A visit to the historic heart of Singapore, followed by a stroll in the new Gardens by the Bay.

May 2013: A visit to the historic heart of Singapore, followed by dinner in the Maxwell Hawker Centre.

Aug 2015: A return to Singapore after a 2 year break (I had been seconded to an 18 month project). I visited a new destination - Mount Fabor.

May 2016: My longest stay in Singapore (5 nights). I attended a series of workshops and conducted training, but still managed to explore a new area of the city - the beautiful Botanic Gardens.

Jun 2017: A lightning visit to present at a workshop. No time to sight see on this trip.

Nov 2017: The return of the regional workshops. In the evenings, I took several walks to see the city lights (despite the rain!), and with a full day to see the sights, I explored Fort Siloso on the island of Sentosa.

Nov 2018: Two days in Singapore to attend the 2018 regional Supply Chain workshop. I had the opportunity to explore Little India and the Gardens by the Bay.

Nov 2019: Two days in Singapore to participate in a project workshop. I visited the Chinese Gardens, which were unfortunately closed for renovations, saw the spectacular light show at Marina Bay Sands and marvelled at the indoor waterfall in the Jewel at Changi Airport.

Nov 2019: Back in Singapore for another workshop, but with far less time to see the sights. This time round I explored the local sights, visiting Duxton Plain Park and a the various gardens at Changi Airport.

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