The Fresh Connection Global Championship in Istanbul, Turkey.

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Having won the Australasian final of the Fresh Connection competition in June, my team was offered the opportunity to compete in the Global Championship in Istanbul. Eager to see how we would do competing against some of the best supply chain teams in the world, we counted down the time until the competition.

John, Ron and I travelled to Istanbul a few days early, which gave us the opportunity to do some sightseeing. We packed as much as we could in our 3 days prior to the competition, visiting the ancient basilica of Hagia Sophia, venturing underground into a Roman cistern, marvelling at the Blue Mosque, exploring the once off limits harem at the royal palace, bargaining at the Grand Bazaar and marvelling at the artefacts in the archaeological museum.

We then left Europe for Asia, where we met up with our fourth team member, Mayumi, for the global challenge. After a challenging and intense day, we emerged in third place, a worthy achievement! Altogether a great time in Istanbul.

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