Eastern Europe and Dubai

Hot, brash and new - Dubai was the venue for this year's Fresh Connection Global Challenge.

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I once again had the opportunity to travel with my team to compete against some of the best supply chain teams in the world. My family took the opportunity to first explore Eastern Europe. And what an introduction to Joshua - his first overseas adventure!

We began with a leisurely two days in Prague, Czech Republic; exploring Prague Castle, strolling across Charles Bridge and exploring the historic centre of the city. A few hours by train took us to our next destination - Bratislava, Slovakia. Rain did not deter us from exploring this historic city, with its interesting alleys and cobblestoned streets. It was then on to Budapest, Hungary, home to one of the most impressive parliament buildings I have ever seen. A high speed train journey to Vienna rounded off our tour.

From Austria it was on to Dubai, and what a change in scenery, pace and temperature! We spent 2 days exploring this new city, taking in the sights of both the old town as well as the over the top modern city. My last day was an intense 8 hours of competition, where my team of Rachel, Paul and John came in 5th in the world. What an adventure and one that will remain in our memories for a long time...

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