Bounty Adventure Cruise

Our first cruise experience, exploring the islands of the South Pacific, following the path of the Bounty mutineers.

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We decided to try the option of a cruise, since this promised to be an easier holiday with a 2 year old to look after. The Bounty Adventure Cruise appealed to us, combining a list of exotic destinations and the opportunity to revisit one of history's most famous mutinies - that of HMB Bounty.

We began our modern day adventure in Sydney, exploring our home for the next two weeks, the P&O Pacific Pearl. This vast ship had 14 floors of accommodation, restaurants, entertainment - plenty of places for an active 2 year old to explore! Our first port of call was Norfolk Island, home to the descendants of the mutineers. A lightning quick tour of the island was all that we had time for, before our next destination of Tonga. From Tonga it was on to Fiji, with its captivating islands of pristine beauty, then on to our final destination of New Caledonia.

Norfolk Island
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New Caledonia
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