Meet the characters

Professor Philip Mortimer

Professor Mortimer is frequently the main protagonist in the series. He is a leading Scottish nuclear physicist, and is best known for inventing the "Swordfish", a weapon that was used to successfully defeat the forces of the Yellow Empire in the first three titles of the series (The Secret of the Swordfish).



Captain Francis Blake

Captain Francis Blake is the dashing head of the British Security Service MI5. The one time pilot in the Royal Air Force, Captain Blake also played a pivotal role in the defeat of the Yellow Empire (The Secret of the Swordfish) and has gone on to either assist or lead the various adventures the duo face in the series.

Colonel Olrik

The one time head of intelligence for The Yellow Empire's dictator, Basam Damdu (The Secret of the Swordfish), Colonel Olrik is the reoccurring villain of the series and Professor Mortimer's nemesis. Since the downfall of the Yellow Empire, Colonel Olrik has reappeared as a mercenary, a spy and an all round criminal adventurer. It is interesting that Jacobs decided to give Colonel Olrik his own features!