The Adventures of Blake and Mortimer

Blake and MortimerThe Adventures of Blake and Mortimer is comic series created in 1946 by Belgian author and artist, Edgar P. Jacobs. The genre is a mix of detective adventures and science fiction, featuring such themes as the discovery of Atlantis (Atlantis Mystery), stolen jewels (The Affair of the Necklace) and time travel (The Time Trap). The heroes of the adventures are nuclear physicist, Professor Philip Mortimer and his friend Captain Francis Blake, head of MI5. The pair discover extraordinary objects and phenomena through their uncommon adventures, often while battling their enemy, Colonel Olrik.

Jacobs authored and drew a total of 11 contemporary adventures, often taking years to meticulously research his plots and to ensure the accuracy of his drawings. After his death in 1987, the series was continued by publisher Dargaud with teams of authors and artists. A key difference is that the series have remained set in the 1950s and 1960s. An additional 16 adventures have been created to date, at a rate of one very 2 years or so.