Rookwood Necropolis

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Rookwood, NSW
12.0 km (3 hrs )

Rookwood Necropolis is Australia's largest cemetery and one of its oldest that is still operating, having been opened in 1867. The 288 hectare site is also one of the largest open spaces in urban Sydney, and had pockets of bush that are surprisingly quiet and full of birdlife.

With most of Sydney in lockdown, my son and I took the opportunity to get some exercise in our local area with a bike ride through the cemetery. We spent most of our time in the historic section of the cemetery, visiting some of the heritage listed sites including the 1890 St Michael the Archangel Chapel, the 1878 Elephant House, the 1882 Serpentine drain and the foundations of the 1869 Mortuary Station.

St Michael the Archangel Chapel