Sublime Point Track

Grade 4 Grade 4

Sublime Point Lookout, NSW
4.2 km (2 hrs )

The Sublime Point Track takes you down from the top of the Illawarra Escarpment to the outskirts of Austinmer, about 300 metres below. Track is definitely the wrong name - staircase would be a more apt description of the hundreds of stairs and in some places, a vertical descent on ladders. This track proved to be very popular with fitness enthusiasts on the Saturday that I visited!

The Sublime Point Track joins with the Gibson Track towards the end. This is a 2 km loop through the rainforest at the foot of the escarpment, passing through a forest of cabbage tree palms, fern trees and ground ferns. I very much enjoyed this section (much quieter too, with myself as the only hiker on the track) and it is well worth including.

The climb back up to Sublime Point was a bit of a challenge, but with strategically placed benches to rest, it was not long before I was at the top to continue my walk along the link track to view the other lookouts on the Illawarra Escarpment.

Sublime Point Track