Illawarra Escarpment Lookouts

Grade 3 Grade 3

Sublime Point Lookout, NSW
6.0 km (1.5 hrs )

The Illawarra Escarpment Lookouts are three areas overlooking the southern coast. The lookouts are perched on the edge of the cliff which falls away 400 metres to the coastal plain below. While the lookouts themselves are spectacular, with the Sublime Point Lookout being one of the best, the walk between the lookouts is not particularly interesting other than the multitude of wildflowers that I spotted along the way. You can easily drive between the lookouts if you just want to make the most of the magnificent views!

A much more interesting, albeit more challenging option is to descend from Sublime Point to the coastal plain below on the Sublime Point Track. This challenging track with hundreds of stairs is not for the unfit, but the rainforest at the foot of the escarpment is very nice. An alternative would be to drive to Austinmer and do the Gibson Track - this takes you through the most scenic part of the walk without too many stairs.

Sublime Lookout