Nilla Yannagalang Billana

Grade 3 Grade 3

Willandra NP, NSW
4.2 km (1.5 hrs )

Nilla Yannagalang Billana means 'walking along together' in the local Wiradjuri language. The track follows the course of the Willandra Creek and explores the black box woodland along the banks of the creek and billabong, and the more open black bluebush shrubland. During the time of my visit, there was no water in the creek, so unfortunately I missed out on seeing the birds that frequent this billabong, but I did get to see a few kangaroos in the woods.

The points of interest along the way are the beautifully restored Willandra Homestead which provides an insight into the life on these remote outback sheep stations, the infrastructure around the homestead (the ram's hut was interesting) and even an old tip site with the rusting remains of a steam-powered engine and old truck.

The track also passes by the campground where I stayed the night, and nearby are the shearer's quarters and shearing shed, as well as the Merton Motor Trail, a 21.5 km loop that takes you on the open plains and past Hall's Lakes in the southern section of the Willandra National Park.

Willandra Homestead