Merton Motor Trail

High range High range

Willandra NP, NSW
21.5 km (2 hrs )

The Merton Motor Trail is a 21.5 km dirt track that winds its way through the open cottonbush plains and along Willandra Creek in Willandra National Park. The two highlights of the trail for me were the former shearers precinct, which epitomises the harsh conditions and isolation of a shearer's life on these large outback stations, and the small temporary wetlands at Hall's Lakes, about halfway through the loop.

While easy for a 4WD, the track is a little rough in places and may be challenging for 2WD vehicles with low clearance. This was a great early morning drive, and the hundreds of kangaroos grazing on the cottonbush plains (now that the sheep are long gone) added to the already serene vista.

While visiting Willandra National Park, be sure to also visit the nearby Willandra Homestead and the Nilla Yannagalang Billana walking trail.

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