Mount Hay

Grade 5 Grade 5

Mount Hay, NSW
4.4 km (2 hrs )

The walk to the summit of Mount Hay is certainly spectacular, with sweeping views of the surrounding heath, hanging swamps and dramatic cliffs of the Grose Valley. The first section of the track is easy to follow, but this then becomes indistinct, with a myriad of tracks branching out nearer the summit. While I managed to reach the summit of Mount Hay without getting lost, getting back down was not so easy, with a number of false starts and one section where I completely missed the track!

The summit of Mount Hay is very much like that of Mount Banks; not much to see with the best views on the way up. Not so with the shorter walk to Butterbox Point. Here at the rim of the Grose Valley, the views are magnificent, if a bit scary (sheer drops to the valley floor). Combined with the walk to Lockleys Pylon, it made for a wonderful day out.

Butterbox Point