Berrima Village

Grade 2 Grade 2

Berrima, NSW
2.6 km (1 hr )

Berrima was established in 1831, and like Carcoar, it has remained as a fine example of a well preserved Australian Georgian colonial village. I took a stroll around the village, visiting some of the beautiful historic buildings, including the Holy Trinity Anglican Church (1849), Berrima House (1835), one of the oldest buildings in Berrima, Victoria Inn (1834), Surveyor General Inn (1834), Australia’s oldest continuously licenced inn, the convict built Berrima Gaol (1839), the Greek-revival style Court House (1838) and Harper's Mansion (1834).

My afternoon walk did not really do justice to this fascinating historic village and I am looking forward to returning to explore it further.

Holy Trinity Anglican Church (1849)