Fairy Bower

Grade 3 Grade 3

Bundanoon, NSW
2.2 km (1 hr )

My walk to Fairy Bower was the last that I did in Morton National Park, having fist done three shorter walks to Erith Coal Mine, Lovers Walk and Fern Glen. I was originally intending to walk to the Amphitheatre Lookout via Nicholas Pass, but unfortunately, due to damage from the 2020 bushfires, I had to cut short the walk and was only able to visit the top of Fairy Bower Falls.

This was the most challenging track that I did in Morton National Park. The track descends via many stairs to the creek, before following the creek to the top of the falls. I opted to follow the track to Bundanoon Loop Road in order to extend the walk. Some day I hope to return to complete the walk to the Amphitheatre.

Fairy Bower