Murray-Sunset NP

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Murray-Sunset NP, VIC
67.0 km (2 hrs )

The Murray-Sunset National Park was one of my favourite places that I visited on my holiday in Victoria. This vast, semi-arid desert was both beautiful and extremely challenging, with a vast network of sandy tracks, some of which were so deep that I was concerned that I would get bogged! Thankfully, it was only on my last sand dune that I became stuck, and with lower tyre pressures and a longer run up I managed to crest this one too.

I visited Rocket Lake (where I camped overnight) and Mopoke hut in the northern end of the park, and the beautiful Pink Lakes in the south. Note that a 4WD is required to negotiate the sandy tracks for most of the National Park, however, the Pink Lakes are accessible by 2WD cars.

Rocket Lake Track